Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lunch in 10 minutes or less

Hello, so I know I haven't updated in ages. It has been a very hectic semester, there was barely anytime for me to cook let alone blog during neuro :(. It is over now and thankfully I survived....yay!
Returning to the matter at hand though, I have been cooking quite a bit since neuro ended. I have not been taking as many pictures as I would have liked, so this semester probably will not end with as long a list of pics of the yummy things I made.
This past week I have had the pleasure though of cooking almost every night. It has been mainly to relive my stress and despite the fact that it was often in lieu of actually studying, cooking has been great for me. Food really does make my world a happier place. I have been on a bit of a fish kick lately, it is healthy, lean and it cooks in a flash.
So last night I made fish stew with tomatoes, some mini farfelle pasta, chicken broth. tilapia, a boiled egg and a whole slew of spices.Oh and of course all the remaining bits of veggies in open bags in my freezer.

The beautiful color came from the turmeric added to the chicken, that got a bit of cloudy creaminess from dissolving the boiled egg yolk in the broth. The smells were predominantly of cloves and cumin with a bit of heat from garam masala. The fish marinated with just a bit of lemon juice was added thinly sliced about a minute before I turned the heat off and cooked to perfection. It was warm and satisfying on a cold rainy day.

Now to the promised lunch that was made in under 10 minutes.

It is steamed fish that is packed the night before completely raw with a marinade and veggies and cooked in the microwave the next day at school.

Things you will need:
-frozen veggies whatever you like, I like this broccoli, corn and red pepper blend
-your favorite spices to go on fish, this can be as simple as lemon and dill or as intense as my grandmother's kala masala, that I personally love.
- tilapia fillet sliced thin
-chicken broth/ water, though I prefer the broth for steaming
-lemon or lime juice

This is pretty simple, you will need enough chicken broth and lime juice to equal a quarter cup. I like the 50/50 ratio of lime juice to broth, but for most people that is a bit on the sour end. Then spread out your thinly sliced (about 0.5 cm thick) talapia and add a bit of salt and half of your spice blend over all the slices. Add the rest of your spice blend to your broth juice mix. Lay the fish down on the bottom of your container add the frozen veggies and pour the broth over it all. The next day at work or school microwave with the lid on just slightly vented for 2-3 minutes depending on how you like your fish and the power of your microwave.
Remove and enjoy!
It is super healthy and has almost no fat the way it is and I like this mix on its own but you can also combine it with the carb of your choice.

Goodnight alas, I must return to  my studies once again.