Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Red Curry Talapia in Foil Packets

I made many yummy things this past semester, that I never really got the time to post about. I just got a new camera, so I need to post the last few food pictures I took with my old camera. This is the first of the set.
This was a quick weeknight dinner, red curry talapia in foil packets with a harissa grilled cheese.
I am not the best at measuring things and whatnot, so my recipes are an after the fact approximation of what I did. None the less this was a super simple quick meal.

Red Curry Talapia
2 talapia fillets cut down the middle
2 tbs red curry paste
2 tbs light coconut milk
Juice of 1 lime

Preheat the oven to 450 degrees F. Mix the red curry paste, coconut milk and the lime. Spread the mixture eveanly on both sides of the 4 fish pieces. Place in big piece of foil loosely wrap it up leaving room for stream. Bake for 15 mins. Serve on top of leafy green of your choice, I used a spring mix.
Use the drippings from the fish to dress the salad.

Harissa is a traditional Mediterranean spicy condiment made from tomatoes and peppers can be used as a spread or a dip. I spread some on a slice of sprouted grain bread and put some part-skim mozzarella on the other slice and grilled it up while my fish was baking.

The combination was odd but satisfying. I hope you enjoy it :)