Thursday, December 23, 2010

Food From the First Semester

Pictures from a few of the many dishes that graced my kitchen this semester.
 Banana chocolate parfait with soy ganache mouse. A great study snack.
 Veg. stir fry with penne. A "I had no time to go grocery shopping and this is what I have in my fridge that is about to go bad" meal. I have a lot of those lately.
 Artichoke hearts, olives, mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes.........mmmmmmmmmmmmm........ and how could I of all people forget the cheese-fresh mozzarella.
 Lobster ravioli with mushrooms and spinach in a white wine sauce.
 Gnocchi in a fiery creamy tomato sauce with zucchini and mushrooms, with freshly grated parmesan.
 Gnocchi and zucchini in a creamy pesto with a fresh crisp cucumber salad on the side to balance the flavors.
 Pasta with a deconstructed greek salad.
 I set the table all pretty :)
 Spicy tandoori fish with penne in a lemon and spinach sauce.
 Grilled tomatoes!!!!
 Shrimp pasta with fresh baby spinach salad.
 Couscous with asparagus, shrimp and corn in a curry sauce.
Swedish salmon dinner in salad form: smoked salmon, fresh cranberries, lettuce, with a honey mustard dill dressing.

Dress Up

So, I am procrastinating right now. For a few weeks I have been wondering about how real this is all becoming. Each day I take yet another step big or small in fulfilling a dream I have had since before I can remember. I recall often playing doctor as a child and though I eventually stopped playing the dreams still followed me. By the dark of the night in the few hours I slept I was transformed simultaneously, into my five year old self as well as the adult I still hope to grow up to be, stethoscope around my neck in a long white coat with Dr. in front of my name and the two coveted letters MD after it. I still have those dreams, but now for the past two months I have dawned my short white coat and started to do the things I used to do when playing doctor as a child. The first time I walked into a room with my white coat on I felt odd to say the least. It was as if I was five again giddy with excitement to be playing doctor, this time though it was even better then when I was five because the patients were real people and not my stuffed animals. Each time since then I have been waiting till the time I walk into a patients room and not feel like a child playing dress up, wondering when this will feel real, but then I wonder if I lost that excitement would I still have the potential to be the type of doctor I want to be.